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Mining History: Mine Shafts of Michigan Part 5

This page is a tribute to the great Quincy Mine of Hancock, Michigan, just across the Keweenaw Waterway from Michigan Tech. The photos were taken recently. Quincy Mine produced 726 million pounds of copper from 1856 to 1925. The underground mining extends over 2 square miles. The MTU Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Experimental Mine is part of the former Quincy Mine, see map below.
Click on the snapshot for a full size view.
Mine, Hancock, MI
Quincy Mine Site
Quincy Shaft
Quincy Mine 
Mine Hoist
View of 
headframe from north
Quincy Mine Shaft

Minerals and gems from these mines are found at:
A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum 

The maps are GIF map images of the Autocad mine maps that were digitized from the original mining company maps and combined into a composite. The depth of the mine workings grade in color from red to purple (right to left), the deepest stopes being 9600' down the inclined shafts. The Hancock Mine also appears on the maps. Since they are GIF images they are not scaleable to see details.
GIF image of Quincy Mine Map Composite
Quincy Mine Map
Composite in GIF image
to show the extent
of the mine.

Zoom in on the Quincy Mine map
South part Quincy Mine
Hancock mine to left
MTU experimental mine adit
left of copyright symbol

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