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Upper Peninsula Section
Our 81st Year: Established 1918
Technical Meeting of the Upper Peninsula Section

September 30, 1999 at Michigan Tech, Houghton
Department of Mining Engineering
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Francis Otuonye awarded for service at
Dept. Chair
Francis Otuonye (right)
receives award from
Richard Robbins (center) of the
Industrial Advisory Board
and Richard Gertsch
Upper Peninsula SME Section banquet
Upper Peninsula
SME Section
Banquet at MTU
Memorial Union
Sep. 30, 1999
Warren Crone, Richard Gertsch, Leslie Gertsch
U.P. Section Chair
passes from Warren Krone (left) to
Richard Gertsch (center)
Leslie Gertsch at right
David Skillings signs his autograph
David Skillings
of Skillings Magazine
signs book at
Silent Auction
for scholarships funds

Technical Papers
Mining Area Session:

"The Crandon Project"
Steve Kircher

"Using Information to Improve Mining Efficiencies"
Mark R. Baker

Mineral Processing Area Session:

"Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling at National Steel Company"
D.J. Englund, D.L. Muir, and R.A. Davis

"Decision Making Based on Plant Testing"
R.L. Wiegel

"Automation of Cone Crushers"
J. Heckert

"Reducing Equipment Downtime by Control System Design"
Ed Grimm and Rolf Scultz

Banquet Speaker
Stanley J. Dyl
"A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum: A New Museum for a New Century"

Jim Hwang, Iwao Iwasaki
Jim Hwang,
Mining Engineering Chair, MTU
Iwao Iwasaki,
Univ. of Minnesota
Using Information to Improve Mining Efficiencies
Presentation by
Mark R. Baker
Modular Mining Systems
of Tucson, AZ
The Crandon Project
Steve Kircher
Gov't & Community Relations
Coordinator, Nicolet Minerals Co.
Crandon, WI
Technical Meeting audience
Steve Kircher
of Nicoloet Minerals
SME Meeting
S. Komar Kawatra
Komar Kawatra
of Metallurgy Dept.
receives gift
for student scholarships
from Mark LeVier of
Newmont Mining
Banquet Speaker
Banquet Speaker
Stanley Dyl (2nd left)
Curator of Seaman Museum,
David Skillings (left)
Iwao Iwasaki and
Jim Hwang (right)

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