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Our 82nd Year: Established 1918
Technical Meeting of the Upper Peninsula Section

May 5, 2000 at Michigan Tech, Houghton
Department of Mining Engineering
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Rudolf Greuer receives award
Mining Dept. Chair Jim Hwang
presents Dr. Rudolf Greuer with an award
for his years of service
to the Mining Department 1967 to 2000
Students who received awards

Erik Luhta, Stephan Morrow, Ben Inkster
and Paul Dutton received awards at the
May 5, 2000 SME Banquet
Erik Huhta received the Metallurgy Department award, Stephen Morrow, the Geology Department award and Ben Inkster the Mining Department award.

Ensign-Bickford Awards
Ben Inkster (Mining), Travis Davidsavor (Civil Eng.) and Paul Dutton (Mining) received the Ensign-Bickford Awards.

The Ensign-Bickford Company was established in Simsbury, CT in 1836 to manufacture fuse for the only existing copper mine in the United States located in East Granby, CT. When the mining industry in the U.S. shifted west to the Keweenaw Peninsula, Ensign-Bickford began its long relationship with the Michigan Copper Country. The copper mines of the Keweenaw were a major customer of Ensign-Bickford and helped to make it the long-term and profitable company that it has been for over 160 years.

Ensign-Bickford feels that its continued support of institutions like Michigan Tech and its longstanding training and supplying of leaders for the mining industry is very important to its own future. Several past and present employees of Ensign-Bickford have been alumni of Michigan Tech, including one of its presidents. The company feels very privileged to contribute to the Tech Fund to further the education of mining related students and promote the future of the mining industry. This pleasure is greatly increased in light of the long history of the Ensign-Bickford Company, the Copper Country and Michigan Tech.

Audie MacDonnell receives award
Mining Dept. Chair Jim Hwang
presents the Mayer Memorial Award
to Audie MacDonnell at the
May 5, 2000 SME Banquet
Travis Davidsavor receives award
Tom Barkley of Ensign-Bickford
presents the award to Travis Davidsavor
at the
May 5, 2000 SME Banquet
Nick Diemer received the Old Timer's Award. Audie MacDonnell accepted the award for Nick since he has graduated.

Dr. Rudolf Greuer receives award
Dr. Rudolf Greuer, Heidi Greuer and
Richard Gertsch looking at the award
Susan Courter, Speaker for SME May 5, 2000
Susan Courter (Center) of Michels Materials
was the banquet speaker

Technical Papers

Mineral Processing and Management Area Session
Chair:S. Jayson Ripke

"Iron Ore Flotation: Past and Present"
Iwao Iwasaki
Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory, University of Minnesota at Duluth

"Size Reduction/Mineral Liberation for Magnetic Taconite Ores"
R.L. Wiegel
Coleraine Minerals Research Laboratory, University of Minnesota at Duluth

"Mine Safety and Management at CCI"
Paul Korpi
Empire Mine, Cleveland Cliffs Inc., Ishpeming

"The Role of Bentonite in Iron Ore Processing"
Richard Kiesel
Cliffs Mining Services Co.

Mining and Reclamation Section Chair: Richard Gertsch

"Design Features of the Tailings Management Facility at the Crandon Project"
Ken Black
Nicolet Minerals Company

"The Flambeau Mine from Permitting through Reclamation"
Jana Murphy
Flambeau Mining Co.

"Modeling Truck Economics and Performance: Trolley vs. Diesel-Electric"
Resource Engineering Associates
Michigan Technological University
Mining Engineering Students

Exploration and Planning Section Chair: Allan Johnson

"Development of Surface Water Migration Strategy for the Proposd Crandon Mine"
Steve Donohue
Foth and Van Dyke

"Vulcan Grid Modeling at LTV Steel Mining Company"
Al Strandlie, Senior Geologist
Cliffs Mining Services Co.

Banquet Speaker
Susan Courter
Michels Materials
"Successful Community Relations and Education Programs"

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